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3 things i learned

This is a video produced in Multimedia Sports Production at Ladue High. The clips used are highlights from multiple videos I produced this semester.

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Ladue vs Lafeyette highlight video

Highlight video between Ladue varsity football and Lafayette varsity football

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Ladue Westminster Highlight Video

This is a highlight video that I made in Multimedia Sports Production for the Ladue versus Westminster game. This is the first video that I have made in this class it is not perfect but I really…

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Football Highlight video

ladue varsity football highlight assignment #3

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Westminister vs Ladue Football Highlight Video

Highlight video of the game between Westminster and Ladue.

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Ladue vs Clayton highlight video

Ladue vs Clayton highlight video.

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Ladue vs. Clayton football hype video

Ladue vs. Clayton hype video, Ladue won 43-0

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VikingVisionNews 10-29-2019 #568

Grace and Katie are joined by Alejandra from Spain, making her Viking Vision debut, featuring Varsity Football Playoff Highlights, a Section 6 Tennis Champion, Casey's Corner Commercial and so…

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Graycie Serencsas Interview Project

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KCHS - Varsity Football Hype 2017

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