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Elementary Announcements 9.21.22

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Elementary Announcements 8.15.22

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Elementary Announcements 8.9.22

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August 5, 2022

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Elementary Announcements 8.4.22

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Gotta Eat! - Crash Course Kids 1.1

In this video, students will learn why all living things need to eat. This playlist of 13 videos from Crash Course Kids is all about life science and ecosystems. The contents of these videos are in…

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6.7.22 announcements

6.7.22 announcements

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4.7.2022 Announcements

PMTV 4/7/22

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Zombies Don't Eat Veggies! read by Jaime Camil

For more info, check out: Zombies Don't Eat Veggies! is written by Megan and Jorge Lacera, illustrated by Jorge Lacera…

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* RABBIT * | Animals For Kids | All Things Animal TV

* RABBIT * | Animals For Kids Quality, educational videos for kids. Made in the UK. Subscribe to All Things Animal TV! here: …

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Grizzly Bear - National Park Animals for Kids

A once plentiful animal, the grizzly bear has been reduced by humans to startlingly low numbers. Despite their fearsome bulk and dangerous claws, grizzly bears consume fruits and vegetables as the…

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3-21-22 Daily Announcements


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Finding Stuff Out - "Where Does Food Come From?" Season 4, Episode 2 (FULL EPISODE)

For more info, check out: By getting to know our food, how it’s made and where it comes from, we can make choices that can help the…

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2.22.22 Announcements

2.22.22 Announcements

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