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La Canción de Mariposa // The Butterfly Song

Huevo, oruga, crisálida, y mariposa // Egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, and butterfly

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Activity Time: Tuesday, April 6 - Gruffalo Puppet

It's activity time! We're playing with our new squishy baggy full of gel, glitter and sparkly gems. Have fun playing with this in your hands, holding it up to the light or in front of a…

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Children will make a prediction and then observe whether a person can break an egg with the palm of their hands.

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4th grade Science Rambin Plants Wood Violet

Classify the Wood Violet as a Monocot

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1. 4th Grade Rambin Intro

Introduction to Deciduous Woods of Rambin Louisiana. Up close with wild Azalea flowers: flower parts review, dicot classification

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