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Schooled by Kids: Presentation Skills, Part 2

Schooled by Kids is a Green Ivy Schools series of instructional videos by kids intended to help others learn valuable life skills, such as public speaking, conflict resolution, living sustainably,…

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WHMS Morning News Nov 9, 2021

WHMS Morning News Nov 9, 2021

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Lucentshy Ovide Speech 2

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Quincy School Committee December 9, 2020 - Part 1

In the first part of the meeting City of Quincy Health Commissioner Ruth Jones discussed the status of the City during the Covid-19 Pandemic and what is being done for the safety of our citizens.…

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Quincy School Committee Oct 28, 2020 Part 1

Health Commissioner Ruth Jones updates the committee on the City's current status during the Covid -19 pandemic. The city's Mechanical Engineer Dave Scott also updated the committee on the…

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Quincy Special School Committee August 13,2020

The School Committee discussed and voted on a re-opening school plan following State Covid -19 guidelines.

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