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room 112 commercial

Room 112 commercial

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About me Project #7

For my student choice video I decided to go with an About me video. I decided to do a new style and have my friernd follow me as I walked backwards through the school. We accomplished this by…

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Top 3 Lessons Learned

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Today at OCS - Session #2 Movie Magic

Session #2 - We are blessed to have the exclusive opportunity to partner with the local Apple Retail Store to do an 8 part series at OCS. The "Today at Orangewood" series will explore the…

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WUM Episode 13

More fun with What's Up Merrimack!

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zoom 3-25_2020

Videography zoom conference

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3_20_2020 note 1

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wum episode 5

Mock Primary Smart with Hart Mystery person reveal Wrestling footage

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The Lazy Song Music Video Parody

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Photography Video Shot Selection

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You're in it for life

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World's Finest Chocolate Promo

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Selfie - Music Video - A Hashtag Cupcake Production

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Behind the Scenes AMTV Promo - Attucks Middle School

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Going Home

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