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Virtual Learning is Getting Really Old

We were asked to create a six word story, using six

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Ladue View - December 2020

Ladue View is back! The Ladue High School student-produced television show is packed with stories from the first semester, including;Coping with COVID The Black Lives Matter movement and a Ladue…

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First Day of Virtual Kindergarten

For my school, I meet with the students whole group for 1 hour live. I need to record this meeting for those that can not attend. Then I would meet with small groups after this meeting. I had a…

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Call and Response POTATOES

Call and Response rhythms with potatoes

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ERfC's Bored!

Are your kids just plain BORED? Introducing ERfC After School Clubhouse!Join ERfC Staff “after school” through Google Classroom to participate in FREE Homework help, chat time, enrichment…

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Five Themes from the Star Wars Trilogy -UMich Symphony Band - John Williams -

University of Michigan Symphony Band Five Themes from the Star Wars Trilogy John Williams trans. Donald Hunsberger 1. The Imperial March 00:00 2. Princess Leia's Theme 03:14 3. The…

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Getting Started with Google Classroom for iPhone

This is a brief introduction to some Google Classroom features while using an iPhone rather than a laptop/computer.

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Virtual Learning

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