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Yo soy un pavo - I am a turkey

This cute song is perfect for preschool and elementary students. Teaching this song to your students? Find the teaching activities on TpT:

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Friday morning announcements

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Elementary Announcements 2.8.22

Morning News

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mama cry by ynm melly

mama cry

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6th Grade Math Personal Financial Literacy - Debit and Credit Cards

Learn the various features and fees associated with checking accounts, including monthly fees, activation fees, and overdraft charges. Also learn how debit cards and checks work in coordination with…

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My Biggest Regret from Freshman Year

Students discuss their biggest regret(s) academically before taking S.M.A.R.T. Lab.

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Storybots Letter P

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Lectura- martes 11/10/20 ¿Puedo ser su perro?

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La viejecita que no le tenia miedo a nada

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Escritura - 9/15/20

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Reading - Thursday September 3 - 5th Grade

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6th Grade Reflections.MOV

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Henry and the Paper Route Chapter 4 part 1 "The Paper Route"

Today we will find out if Henry and Beezus are able to use Ramona's wagon to pick up papers for the paper drive in the first part of chapter 4, "The Paper Route."

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Newsies - Santa Fe + prologue - Scene #1B

Eliott B is Jack and Julia McA is Crutchie - the very first scene and song in the musical. Up on the rooftop, dreaming of someplace far away...

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Dividing Fraction Song_.webm

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Lesson 113

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