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Mariah Williams Speech 3 2022

Hallsville High School

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Frankenstein by Mary Shelley | Volume 2: Chapter 1

This playlist is all about Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. It contains 32 free video study guides that provide analysis and summary for each chapter and a study of the context, characters,…

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A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens | Themes

This video study guide playlist provides 10 short videos that help break down Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Students will learn to cite textual evidence to support their analysis of the…

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Floral Design

Floral Design

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SLC2022 - Exhibition Clip - 23

SLC2022 - Exhibition Clip - 23

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The Canterbury Tales | The Shipman's Tale Summary & Analysis | Geoffrey Chaucer

This video study guide playlist contains 34 videos that include a summary and analysis of Geoffrey Chaucer’s epic poem, The Canterbury Tales. Each video breaks down a digestible piece of the…

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September 14, 2022 Announcements

Daily Announcements

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RMSTV Live 9.9.22

RMSTV Live 9.9.22

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I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou | Characters

In this playlist of 42 videos, Maya Angelou’s I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings is summarized and analyzed chapter by chapter with additional discussions at the end. Over the course of these…

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SJHS News 5.16.22


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SJHS News 5.11.22


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Harbor Highlights, April 11, 2022


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Arc Length Fast Example #Shorts

Check out my website! #Shorts

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Take a virtual tour of our Sammy Soars after school clubs. Music Ensemble Budding Artists Eco CheerLEADing Writers Robotics Running

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S2_M1_5 Access Tokens Explained

This video explains how access tokens are used in standards-based authentication protocols.

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ERHS Morning Announcements 3-7-22

school news

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