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Learning to Drive - Progression towards adulthood

I got my driver's license recently, and it's making me feel more mature.

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Taxation Nation

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Wochit Voiceover Instructions

Short How To Tuturial for creating a Voiceover while making a video using Wochit

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Step 3 - Add Visuals

With a solid script and a voiceover to guide your timing, you’re ready to add visuals. Get tips on crafting a look and feel, transformations and characters that tell your story to your audience…

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Step 2 - Record Voiceover

Once you’ve drafted your script, it’s time to turn it into a voiceover. Get tips here for recording your own or hiring a professional. This step is essential to timing your video.

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FWCTV 5-15

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iPad Accessibility: VoiceOver

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Shelbie Holiway Voiceover

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Mariah Zell Voice Over

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How VoiceOver can help Special Ed students with Oral Administration of Instructions

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Human Rights Class

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The REAL Woodchucks

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Texas - Social Studies Voiceover Project - Period 2

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The Shots Assignment in iMovie 11--Voiceover

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Asha Bashir Traffic Report VO

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