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DIY Water Filter

Have you ever wondered: Can I make swamp water drinkable? How do I purify water? How do I make dirty water clean? How do I make water drinkable? TKOR has done some random experiments in the past and…

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Triangle Shaped Walking Robot Toy

Make a walking Robot Toy using simple dc motor and chassis by Pinwheel Robotics.

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Walking Robot by Pinwheel Robotics

Yet another cool projects by Pinwheel Robotics ! Build it and have fun ! Check out the design at or contact us at [email protected]

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Lucas Jack-SD

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Pre-K Locomotor Item Shuffle

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K-2 Locomotor Item Shuffle

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As I Was Walking poem doc - Google Docs

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Out And About

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5th Gr BASS EE Bk Pg 20 Week 5

5th Grade BASS Week 5 EE Book Page 20

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Teacher Alison Explains Rhymes

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A walking tour with Mrs. Webber

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Running #5

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Long Vowels

Ms. Marchetti explains long vowels

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Running Late

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The Morning Show @ BES - December 1, 2015

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