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Snowy Winter Birch Trees Art Lesson For Kids

Learn how to create your own snowy winter birch scene. We use watercolour paints and two other fun materials - masking tape and salt, to make this beautiful winter wonderland artwork! This lesson…

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Eisenhut Elementary Daily ESN Morning News Broadcast

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Watercolor sunset part 1

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Alma Thomas Art Lesson

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chameleon sharpie and paint brush

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watercolor techniques- grade 2

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Creating the background for the How to Catch a Star artwork

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Winter Bear Drawing

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Wayne Thiebaud Cupcake Collage

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Mo Willems Pigeon Drawing

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MS/HS watercolor sunset (part 1)

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Elementary art (watercolor sunset)

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1st vase completion

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4th and 5th grade video # 9

Elementary Art - cube made from rhombus value, pressure, tints and shades

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MS/HS art (mask pt 2)

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Hybrid insect finish form and mixed media

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