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Thursday Activity Time - Watercolor Pictures

Please practice writing your name and draw some more hills and circles in your fine motor journals. You'll need watercolor paints, a paint brush, water and your painting pages we sent home in…

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pumpkin day 2 part 2 paint

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The Dot- International "DOT" Day- Creativity Reading Response

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Watercolor set up & wet in wet

Basic Watercolor intro wet in wet

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5/11/20 Art Time with Miss Alyssa

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Art Project Leonardo da Vinci's Inventions Part 2

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Peter Rabbit 1/2 🐰

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The purpose of this instructional video is to teach K-5 artists the basics of watercolor painting such as types of watercolors, how to apply the pigments, complementary colors, and the parts of the…

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Ogden Arts Education Week

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