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News Package

In this video, I talk with Ginger Schulte, a senior cross country runner at Ladue Horton Watkins, about her running career. Matt Strayhorn, the head cross country coach, is also interviewed. He…

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Comparative Anatomy + PAWS

Dr. Allen Weltig discusses his new class, Comparative Anatomy + PAWS. This class will provide LHWHS students with a unique, unparalleled opportunity to learn hands-on science applied to real world…

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Ladue Teams

A video that highlights Ladue Stadium Sports.

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Ladue RB Jared Rhodes highlights

Ladue running back Jared Rhodes highlights from the varsity football season 2021.

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6-Word Story

This is the 6 word story I created for Broadcast Tech. It was a fun and really helpful assignment. I learned various shots and learned how to edit those shots to a beat. Overall it was a very fun…

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Excellence in Education - October 2021

The Ladue School District honors English Teacher Jen Hartigan from Ladue Horton Watkins High School, as the Excellence in Education award winner for October 2021. "Disclaimer: Ladue Schools…

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News Package - 2021 UPDATE

Updated version of News Package - 2021, with improved b-roll shots. A story about how Jett lost his glasses after the events covered in 60 Second Trailer - 2021

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Logan-5 shot Sequence

A project where a small task to to be explained and understood in only 5 shots. In this case it was a student typing on a computer. Each shot reveals a small amount of information, enough to keep the…

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News Package - 2021

A story about how Jett lost his glasses after the events covered in 60 Second Trailer - 2021

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I am Logan

I was asked to create a short video as a way of declaring who I am. What I am passionate about, what I care about, the things that I do for fun. This video is a staple and attempts to describe a…

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Abby s-z i am imovie

First video project of the year, where i took photos from my life and strung them in imovie to give them a story an i am, story while learning basic shot composition.

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iAm Movie Trailer

This story is about me and who I am and what I use to do in the past. This was taken about a month ago and in my opinion a fun project. I used my phone to get the clips needed and then imported them…

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iAm Julia Erekson

This project gives an insight into my life, showing my family and friends and telling about my different hobbies. It displays video clips and pictures from the last couple years; mainly clips from…

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Dylan - iAm iMovie Trailer

My iAm iMovie is a short minute long trailer about who I really am. I used photos from throughout my life that show who I am and how I have changed over the years.

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Keegan: 5-Shot Sequence

This story was created for broadcast tech and was a 5-shot sequence. I recorded in the broadcast studio with my iPhone and my friend Cole. With my iPhone, I filmed Cole from 5 different types of…

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Who is this about ? - Anderson models for 5 uniquely angled shots. What is this about ? -Hand Close Up Shot -Facial Close Up -Wide Shot -Over the Shoulder -Unique Angle Compilation of these shots. …

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