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Ladue Strength & Conditioning with Coach Maier

Connect with Coach Maier and join the Ladue Strength and Conditioning program.

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Every Day, Always Early, Never Late

This is my six word story, "Every day, always early, never late." By using six unique shots and using creative editing techniques in Final Cut Pro, I was able to tell this story for my…

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Jeremy and Allen, two door-to-door salesmen, are having trouble selling products to customers. So, Jeremy turns to other money-making options.

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Amelia G Six Word Story

I made chose and then filmed a six word story for my broadcast technology class. We were instructed to choose/create a story using only six words then film it in only six shots.

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Ladue Vs. Parkway North Football 2022

This is a project profiling the Ladue Varsity football team vs. Parkway North. Ladue won 56-28.

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Ladue Varsity Football Season Highlights 2022

This video presents the Ladue High School varsity football season highlights from 2022.

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Nate Obertino Personal Profile

This is a video I had to make for my multi media sports 1 class. We took shots of ourselves in wide, medium, and close up shots. We then edited the shots, added a background, and added music.

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Ladue Football Highlights Harper

This a highlight video of the Ladue Varsity Football team throughout multiple games.

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Chase Allen Highlight Video

All of Ladue High Schools' Chase Allen football highlights.

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Ladue vs Parkway North football 2022

This is a highlight video that profiles the Ladue Varsity football vs Parkway North.

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Ladue vs. Parkway North Football 2022

This video is a highlight video about the Ladue Varsity football team playing against Parkway North. Ladue won 56-28.

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Jax Bespalko Personal Profile Video

This is a personal profile video done in order to learn how to properly make senior profiles using 3 different types of shots: wide, medium, and close.

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Ladue Middle School/Ladue Horton Watkins High School: Safety and Security instructional video

Ladue School District Safety and Security Coordinator, Matt Hill, discusses 4E Intruder Training for middle school and high school educators and students.

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Liam Reeves- 5-Shot sequence

I made a video using Final Cut Pro displaying an example of a 5-Shot Sequence that I filmed for an a Broadcast Technology assignment.

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5 Shot Sequence

This video is about a Serial killer being locked up. This was filmed near the band room. We filmed this for our 5 shot sequence assignment using the camera angles listed.

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Amelia G 5 Shot Sequence

I made a 5 shot sequence for my Broadcast Technology class. We were instructed to film one action in 5 different ways.

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