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10-26 Show

MRTV 10/26

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Jan 12 done

01-12-22 Bell Choir Girls Wrestling Student Spotlight: Joey

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Tales of the Unexpected: The Landlady

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The Landlady: Textual Analysis by Connecting the Dots

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The Weaver's Surprise

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Rainbow Weaver (Tejedora Del Arcoiris) - Read Aloud

Inspired by the talented Mayan craftspeople, this story is a sweet celebration of tradition, resourcefulness, and creative recycling.

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Week 5 Day 2 Mini-Lesson: Main Idea

Today you will work together with Ms. Kanoza to use small details from the story to 'build' the main idea. The main idea is a SUPER sentence with a WHO and WHAT the text is mostly about!

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4/8 Pulham Reading Lesson LWW

Lesson: Interactions can lead to Inferences

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BBC Home Making: Weaver Bird

Probably one of the most complex and elegant bird nest is build by Weaver bird.....see it for yourself.....

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Andre W.'s DigiStory (B1)

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Hallway Expectations Revised

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Weaver, Morgan

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Olivia K

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A Tisket A Tasket

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