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Point Webster Middle School Winter Concert December 7, 2022

This event was recorded on December 7, 2022

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Quincy School Subcommittee November 28, 2022

The committee hears from the following guest speakers: Christine Barrett, Principal of Point Webster Middle School Nick Ahearn, Principal of Clifford Marshall Elementary School Steve Sylvia,…

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Point Webster Spring Concert 2022

Experience the wonderful sounds of the Point Webster Band and 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Chorus's

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Point Webster STEM FAIR March 2022

Eight grade students of Point Webster Middle School displayed and explained to guests of the STEM Fair about their STEM projects.

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Mehlville Media Broadcast - March 3, 2022

Thanks for watching! For more coverage, visit us online at

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Quincy School Committee Teaching and Learning Subcommittee January 11, 2022

Quincy Public Schools Middle School Principals presented their Middle School Program Improvement Plans to the subcommittee. The following is a schedule of approximate times that each school presents…

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Point Webster Holiday Concert 2021

Enjoy Quincy Public School's Point Webster Middle School Holiday Concert 2021. Listen to the Point Webster band and beginning band. Also enjoy all of the Point Webster choruses.

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Point Webster Middle 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony June 2021

Quincy's Point Webster Middle held their 2021 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony at North Quincy's Creedon Field.

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Point Webster Middle Art Show 2020-2021

Enjoy the wonderful Art Work of Quincy's Point Webster Middle School students.

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Joint Equity, Diversity & Inclusion and Facilities, Security, & Transportation Subcommittee March 29, 2021

They discussed what would be the equitable thing to do for the 5th gardens at South~West and Point Webster Elementary Schools. These are the only two middle schools who have 5th graders attending.…

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G is for Granite

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McKinley MS AP December 2020 Update

A December 2020 update for McKinley families, including gratitude and enrichment resources

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Point Webster High Needs Transition Meeting (2020-09-15)

Point Webster Principal and staff discuss with parents of High Needs students how the school will be run while opening this fall during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

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Point Webster Gr. 5 Parent Meeting (2020-09-08 at 15_05 GMT-7)

Quincy Public School's Point Webster Middle School Principal Christine Barrett meets virtually with 5th grade parents to discuss and answer any questions about the Fall re-opening of school…

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Small Spaces ch 19

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Small Spaces ch 11

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