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Elementary Announcements 4.11.22

Morning News

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The Simple Machines Song | Science Songs | Scratch Garden

Learn about simple machines with The Simple Machines Song by Scratch Garden! Our 2ND CHANNEL is on Patreon! ►► ◄◄ This fun science song for kids uses…

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6 july GTT

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Machines-Video lesson

Review of machines, engineers, inventions, and green technology.

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Elementary Announcements

Morning News

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Math: Counting the letters in your name

How many letters are in your name? Materials needed Name card Number Cards Unifix Cubes

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Wedging clay demo and activity instructions

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How to wedge wedgeable bucket of clay

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Tuesday (May 26) Storytime

Animal Action stories...

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Wedge, Screw, and Pulley Demonstration

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Thursday Intro

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0-6-0. Complete Video Compound Machines

Reviews Simple Machines; Explains how Compound Machines are 2 or more simple machines working together Edheads demo

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0-5-0. Simple Machines

Inclined plane, wheel and axle, screw, wedge and pulley; Also shows gears and introduces Brainpop Game- Simple Machines

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Wednesday Science 2

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Wednesday Science 1

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Work and Simple Machines Part 2.wmv

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