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cbd oil free trial

Complete CBD Oil is the natural answer to your pain, anxiety, or other chronic conditions. † If you struggle with mood disorders, chronic pain, inflammation, high blood sugar, low bone…

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Quincy School Committee September 28, 2022

The school nurse has a word with the board and details statistics on 'nurse effectiveness'. This led to talks about students who report self harm and depression and how to better serve…

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Family Support Services Programs - Sep 2022

Grand Island Central School District Social Worker and Family Support Services Program Coordinator, Jessica Hutchings, explains the many avenues of mental health and counseling support that students…

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FACTS is learning a tool for SEL wellness_ Qigong 2022

During the pandemic, Folk Arts - Cultural Treasures Charter School has provided qigong class program to all their students. This folk art form provides a useful tool for students to use in managing…

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Episode 0: Introduction to Wellness Wednesday

Hey LAD! This is the very first episode of our Wellness Wednesday Podcast featuring Nahomi Gonzalez as the host and Angelica Ruben as the producer.

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Seasons and Wellness

Thanks for watching!

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Vaping: A Lesson in Irony

This video was made in partnership with Health Canada. Smoking by students has reached historic lows in the past few years but a new product is on the scene threatening to replace it and revive an…

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Quincy School Committee Policy, Athletics, Health & Wellness December 6, 2021

In the Policy Subcommittee the Career & Technical Education Admissions Policy was discussed. In the Athletics, Health & Wellness subcommittee Athletic Directors from both North Quincy and…

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Comparative Anatomy + PAWS

Dr. Allen Weltig discusses his new class, Comparative Anatomy + PAWS. This class will provide LHWHS students with a unique, unparalleled opportunity to learn hands-on science applied to real world…

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What Is This Thing Called Health? - Quiz

A definition of health, including a discussion of the three branches of health on the Health Triangle: physical, mental/emotional, and social health.

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What Is This Thing Called Health?

A definition of health, including a discussion of the three branches of health on the Health Triangle: physical, mental/emotional, and social health.

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SchoolTube’s 5 Facts About Summer Olympics

The summer Olympics might've been postponed because of COVID-19, but that doesn't mean they still aren't cool. Check out this SchoolTube Original and this website to learn more:…

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SchoolTube’s 5 Reasons Why You Should Ride Your Bike

Riding your bike is good for the planet and for you. Check out this video to learn why. And make sure to check out our other SchoolTube Originals!

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Lucas K Yo Yo Tricks

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Mental Health Week 2021

Mehlville High School's Leadership class has teamed up with Mehlville Media to bring you an important message about Mental Health Week.

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Teen Health & Wellness

Introduction to resource.

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