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SchoolTube's 5 Facts About Catfish

SchoolTube’s 5 Facts About Catfish:1. Catfish get their name from their feline-like whiskers. 2. One of the largest catfish weighed almost 700 pounds. 3. Catfish bodies are covered with about…

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Reading Kit Review

Use these fun items to help you practice your reading the week of June 1-5! Send me pics of what you are reading!

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Calm Down Kit Overview

Make a calm down area in your home next week of June 1- 5 and send me pics!

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Week 8 Distance Learning Wrap Up

Ms. Agnew discussing EOY and sharing Mouse and Hippo and information about the Summer Reading Program at the public library.

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Draw An Easy Pete The Cat

We all LOVE Pete the Cat. Let's learn to draw a simple Pete and then you can be creative and make your own Pete the Cat drawings and books.

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