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Who remembers our very first fashion show ?

not my video

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Who Wore It Better? Identical Twins!

not my video

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Can y'all guess who is who based on these questions. 🤔 Do you think they were honest here? Lol

this is not my video

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Annual CLASS PRESENTATION Somerset Heights 2nd Grade • Mr. Messicci 2017

The annual CLASS PRESENTATION at Somerset Heights Elementary in Mendota Heights, Minnesota. SCHEDULE (May have difficulty viewing using the browser, Safari.) 1. The Pledge of Allegiance (in…

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Mara Welch Who am I

This is a quick one minute video introducing myself to you. It shows my passions, interests and hobbies. I had a blast making this for you!

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Read Aloud : koala - Facts and Information about koala for Children - koala facts for kids

Facts about koalas. 1) Koalas are found in the eucalyptus forests of eastern Australia. They have grey fur with a cream-coloured chest, and strong, clawed feet, perfect for living in the branches of…

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Who Are Government’s Leaders?

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WATCH We Are Who We Are Season 1 Episode 4 Full Episode

WATCH HERE ▶️▶️ [] DWONLOAD HERE ▶️ [] Title : We Are…

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Poetry Has a SOUND

In this video, Ms. Quigg demonstrates how poetry sounds different than a story, because it has a beat. You will need to help Ms. Quigg find the beat of the poem! Then you can review finding key…

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Writing with Outside Details

In this video, Ms. Quigg shows you how to use key details from outside your head (who, when, where, and what) to help you add details when planning your story. Then you plan a story about a time…

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The Koala Who Could I By Rachel Bright Jim Field I Jana's Bananas Storytime I Read Aloud Book

***100 SUBSCRIBERS VIDEO*** A first grade teacher reads you... The Koala Who Could By: Rachel Bright Jim Field . Koala Craft…

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Narrative Writing

Mrs. White will model how to write a narrative story!

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DAY 3 Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

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Discovery of electricity

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Monday 12-16-19

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WEDNESDAY 12-11-19

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