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The Scarlet Letter | Chapter 1 Summary and Analysis | Nathaniel Hawthorne

This playlist consists of 33 video study guides for each chapter, an examination of the themes, characters, symbols, and more of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter. These videos are a…

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Who knew learning opposites could be so fun?! Or so adorable?!

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Coyote - National Park Animals for Kids

A well-equipped scavenger, the coyote is a member of the wild dog family. Coyotes are also ample hunters, often hunting on their own, though sometimes found hunting in packs. Coyotes are one of…

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Baby Skunks Act Just Like Little Puppies | Animal Videos for Kids | Dodo Kids

Skunks, in a house!? These three little skunks were found when they were tiny babies — they hadn't even opened their eyes for the first time! But an animal rescuer took care of them until…

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Skunk Facts For Kids - All Info such as Habitat, Spray Diet, Baby

In this video you will learn 15 Skunk Facts For Kids - All Info such as Habitat, Spray Diet, Baby. Skunk are mammals that are easily recognized by their black and white colored fur. There are 10…

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Slowest chelonian - 15-11-2014 Guinness World Records

In a 'speed' test carried out in the Seychelles a male giant tortoise (<em>Geochelone gigantea</em>) could only cover 4.57 m (14 ft 11 in) in 43.5 sec (0.37 km/h / 0.23 mph),…

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Largest wild cat - 01-01-1950 . Guinness World Records

The world's largest wild cat is the Siberian or Amur tiger (Panthera Tigris Altaica), native to eastern Russia, north-east China, and North Korea. Males, which are bigger than females, typically…

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Turkeys on the Farm by Wendy Strobel Dieker

Turkeys on the Farm by Wendy Strobel Dieker Tools of the trade: Epic! Books for Kids and Screencastify

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Turkey Time

A Reading of Turkey Time by Katie King & Amy Lemons. From the November 2nd Grade Rooted and Reading by Amy Lemons.

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11th Grade English (Thursday, 11/5)

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Saints @ 8 - September 2, 2020

Saints @ 8 - September 2, 2020

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Kayaking with Sea Otters

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Fourteenth Vocabulary Sheet for Time for Andrew by Mary Downing Hahn

Read aloud of the fourteenth vocabulary sheet for Time for Andrew.

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A Book for Kids About Pandas - Mrs. Brannon

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Chapter 47

The Wild Robot Escapes

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