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CCMS Reports 11/30

Finish the Christmas Lyrics, National Evan Day and weather

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From pacifist to spy WWII’s surprising secret agent - Shrabani Basu

WWII female spy, Women's History Month, 7th grade social studies

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Lectura - La hormiguita y el saltamontes 12-1-20

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Lectura- martes 11/10/20 ¿Puedo ser su perro?

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Art Lesson #3-Wild Things

This week I read Where the Wild Things Are. Now try drawing your own wild thing!

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Morging message :Sonidos con dr

Aprenderemos a leer y escribir palabras con sonido dr.

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5.15.20 Mini lección de matemáticas

Hoy aprenderemos cómo ordenar números de menor a mayor.

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04/29/20 Problema del día con Ms. Sorto!

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04/28/20 Mini Lección de matemáticas con Ms. Sorto

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Mini leccion de figuras 2D

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WHMS Morning News April 3, 2020

Hope you enjoy the show!

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My Country ‘Tis of Thee

Patriotic song

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16a. Screaming Rod Demo - per 7.MP4

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BH TV 12-1-17

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