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BYDC Hereford Insulation

Hereford Insulation

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First Grade, Life Science, Lesson 12

Introduction to Biomimicry

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Farmer Boy Chapter14: Sheep Shearing

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Algebra 1 Class 3/1/21

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Sheep & Wool Around the World

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"To Process Raw Wool"

The lyrics of the song:(“If you’re happy and you know it”)To process raw wool, I _____ it (x3)To process raw wool, from the sheep and not the bullTo process raw wool, I _____ it.

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Little Red Riding Hood, retold by Candice Ransom

Little Red Riding Hood escapes the wolf because the wolf falls out the window and rolls down the hill.

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Whangdoodle Chapter 8

The professor and the boys rescue Lindy from the Splintercat. They also encounter the Gyascutus.

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The Sea of Monsters Ch. 14

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Main Lesson Week 1 Part 1

This is a video of me reading a book called Pelle's New Suit. It shows an example of a main lesson title page.

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The First Underwear Read aLOUD

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Activity 1 Whooooos the Wise One Read Aloud

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Movie2- Tuesday Sheep Lesson, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Sheep Activities

Tuesday Sheep Lesson, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Sheep Activities

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Fine Wool Sheep

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