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SchoolTube's History of V-J Day

SchoolTube's History of V-J Day: V-J Day, also know as Victory over Japan Day, was on August 14, 1945.This date marks the day Japan had surrendered to the Allies, ending World War II. The…

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Abby Hunter- history project

This is my history project on world war 2.

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What kind of power does propaganda have over the messes? Let's take a look...

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Free PD Webinar: The Refugee Crisis and Connecting the Past with Today

Join Echoes & Reflections and Share My Lesson for this webinar on the refugee crisis that will help educators integrate the topic of refugees into their Holocaust instruction. Register below: …

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The Children's War

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World War 2 Epic Movie-Part 2

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No Bananas

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World War 2 Epic Movie-Part 1

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World War Two

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