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Music comes to life in this magical journey through 11 classical masterpieces!

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Dudley Panthers Football 2021

Highlights from the Dudley High School 2021 Football Season

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How to Evaluate Variable Expressions with Integers | Minute Math

In this video we cover how to evaluate variable expressions with integers. We are given the variable expression 4x^2-2xy+3y^2 when x=2, y=-1. We use this information to simplify this variable…

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tree Adventures 2021

We went to Tree Adventures and everyone was pushing out from their comfort zones - students and teachers 20 minute highlight with 140 clips and a lot of walking round... great fun!

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SJHS News 11.16.20

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Silly Cup Catch

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Unit 1 Test 7th &

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River eating

River eating

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Monster snake bubbles by Mrs Rowley

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Lesson 121

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Canoe Song Partwork

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Thursday Worship

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Sacraments of Initiation Introduction

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Blending board

You will need paper and something to write with so at the end they can write a word and then read it to you.

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lesson 9 making objects with shapes

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