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Eisenhut Elementary Daily ESN Morning News Broadcast

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CSF Seal Bearers 2022 - Bell Gardens High School

Congratulations to CSF Seal Bearers Class of 2022!

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A boy hits his head and dreams about a weird Halloween where kids give adults candy!

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Letters for Life 2021

Jacket Ceremony for some special students at Cy-Fair high School. Presented by Lady Bobcats Basketball.

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COVID lunches at AHS

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2.18.21 Announcements

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Detailed Observations

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Conoce a tu Maestra Mrs.Rodriguez/ Ms.Flores

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Grade 1 Weekly Update 9 de junio

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Over the Steamy Swamp by Mrs Whittle

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What Should Darla Do? (Part 4)

Listen to the story and let me know one good choice you have made today!

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Sight Word Sing Along

Sing along with me and practice your sight words. Practice your words and let me know how it goes! Three, two, we, where, to, yellow, you, and up.

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Pie Video 2

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Math In Focus Student-Edition Grade 2

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Mr Kanne and Kenny - The Listening Tool

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