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Sophie's Masterpiece read by CCH Pounder

For more info, check out:'s Masterpiece is written by Eileen Spinelli, illustrated by Jane Dyer and read by CCH Pounder. …

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Pirates Say AR! (song for kids about the "ar" sound)

Song: PIRATES SAY, "AR!" Educational Content: Practicing the /ar/ sound; Identifying words that have the "ar" chunk as medial or ending sounds; Pirate theme!

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Morning Announcements November 5

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4th Grade Math Solving Measurement Problems

Learn how to solve addition and subtraction problems that involve different measurements within the same system and how to regroup for accurate answers. Two examples are given in the video. Find all…

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Little White Owl Day 2

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Handwriting: Letter Y, Number 8

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First Grade, Earth Science, Lesson 10

Wind is moving air.

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Kindergarten, Earth Science, Lesson 10

Wind sock and engineering project

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Unit 6B Review Questions 9 and 10

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Tuesday Activity Time - Mitten Lacing and Painting Matching Mittens

We're drawing mittens in our fine motor journal today. Have fun lacing your mitten with the yarn we provided. We're also painting mittens. Be sure to only paint one mitten and after…

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Mrs. Adams and the ABC Sound Chart

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Language Enrichment Day 36

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Thursday Activity Time - Scarecrow Part 2 & Old Lady Game

Today we're finishing our scarecrow by using the newspaper, yarn and hanger. Please hang your own t-shirt on the hanger to complete your scarecrow. You'll also need some tape to stick the…

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Thursday Activity Time - Pumpkin Lanterns & Coloring Pages

Today we're making a pumpkin lantern! You'll need the orange pumpkin sheet, scissors, tape or glue stick and your green yarn. Cut along the dotted lines, roll the paper into a cylinder…

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Tuesday Activity Time - Firetrucks and Corn/Bat Sensory

Today's activities are name practice, fine motor notebook (hills and circles), making firetrucks and playing in our sensory bins. You'll need your firetruck materials, a glue stick and…

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K-2 making handpuppets - Lesson #4

Make two hand-puppets with characters from The Three Little Pigs. I made a Momma Pig and a Boy Pig.

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