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The Baby Yoda Run | Star Wars Brain Break | GoNoodle Inspired

For more info, check out:, duck, jump, and dodge to get Baby Yoda/Grogu home! You have 10 seconds to decide which direction Grogu should go…

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Ludwig Göransson - The Mandalorian (From "The Mandalorian"/Official Audio)

For more info, check out: all the exciting episodes of The Mandalorian! Stream now on Disney+. After the stories of…

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Eisenhut Elementary Daily ESN Morning News Broadcast

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Morning Announcements April 8

Morning Announcements

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ERHS Morning Announcements 4-1-22

school news

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10.19.21 Mask off! with Panda

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10.18.21 Mask Off with Yoda!

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10.12.21 with YODA!

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Pan Balance Lesson video

Learn about the parts of a double pan balance.

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Lectura compartida - ¿Cómo van a la escuela los dinosaurios?

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5 "Star Wars" Facts You Didn't Know

If you love the movie franchise, watch this video to learn some fun facts about the series. And "may the force be with you!" Here are 5 "Star Wars" facts you didn't know: …

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8th grade video

Farewell to 8th graders

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Goodbye Aria and Eleleth!

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The Losers Club - Chapters 23, 24 &25.m4a

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How To Draw Baby Yoda From The Mandalorian

This video is not sponsored by Disney. We purchased our own subscription to Disney + and have been loving it so much. We watched the Mandalorian last night and died over baby Yoda. We thought it…

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Principal's greeting- Mon May 04 2020 10:10:15 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)

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