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Zombies by The Cranberries

Sven and Ved provide their ASL translation of Zombies by The Cranberries

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MVTV 28 may 2020

The second show for the week..... we are in level 2 lockdown but with some sideways thinking we did it again - roll on next week

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Calendar 4:28:20

Calendar and Morning Meeting (with an intermission discussion of Plants vs. Zombies 😜)

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¡Los Zombis No Comen Verduras! Leído por Jaime Camil

Mo Romero es un zombie que no ama nada más que cultivar, cocinar y comer vegetales. ¿Tomates? Tentadora ¿Pimientos? ¡Pura perfección! ¿El problema? Los padres…

From  SAGFoundation on March 31st, 2020 2 likes 895,329 plays

Zombies Don't Eat Veggies! read by Jaime Camil

Mo Romero is a zombie who loves nothing more than growing, cooking, and eating vegetables. Tomatoes? Tantalizing. Peppers? Pure perfection! The problem? Mo’s parents insist that their…

From  SAGFoundation on March 31st, 2020 8 likes 1,780,949 plays

Baby Seamus and Miss Missi Talk About Coronavirus

Puppet Show: Baby Seamus built a fort because he was scared about all of the stuff he has been hearing about viruses. Miss Missi helps Baby Seamus understand what a virus is and how to stay healthy.

From  mmartinezkcsl on March 25th, 2020 1 likes 61 plays