Times Tables Songs: A Fun and Engaging Way to Learn Multiplication

Times Tables Songs: A Fun and Engaging Way to Learn Multiplication

Multiplication is a fundamental math skill that students need to master in elementary school. However, many students find it challenging to memorize the multiplication facts. Times tables songs can be a fun and engaging way to help students learn their multiplication facts. These songs use catchy tunes and lyrics to help students remember the facts.

There are many different times tables songs available, so you can find one that fits your students’ learning style. Some songs focus on a single multiplication table, while others cover multiple tables. Some songs are sung to familiar tunes, while others have original melodies.

No matter what type of times tables song you choose, it’s important to use it regularly in your classroom. The more students hear the songs, the more likely they are to remember the facts. You can play the songs during math class, during transitions, or even as a fun brain break.

In addition to using times tables songs, there are other things you can do to help students learn their multiplication facts. Here are a few tips:

  • Use flashcards. Flashcards are a great way for students to practice their multiplication facts. You can make your own flashcards or purchase them from a store.
  • Play games. There are many different games that can help students learn their multiplication facts. Some popular games include multiplication war, multiplication bingo, and multiplication concentration.
  • Practice, practice, practice! The best way to learn multiplication facts is to practice them regularly. Encourage your students to practice their facts at home and in class.

With a little practice, your students will be able to master their multiplication facts and become math whizzes!

The 12 Times Tables Songs

The following are the 12 times tables songs from the Silly School Songs YouTube channel:

  1. The 1 Times Table Song
  2. One times one is one,
    One times two is two,
    One times three is three,
    One times four is four,
    One times five is five,
    One times six is six,
    One times seven is seven,
    One times eight is eight,
    One times nine is nine,
    One times ten is ten.

  3. The 2 Times Table Song
  4. Two times one is two,
    Two times two is four,
    Two times three is six,
    Two times four is eight,
    Two times five is ten,
    Two times six is twelve,
    Two times seven is fourteen,
    Two times eight is sixteen,
    Two times nine is eighteen,
    Two times ten is twenty.

  5. The 3 Times Table Song
  6. Three times one is three,
    Three times two is six,
    Three times three is nine,
    Three times four is twelve,
    Three times five is fifteen,
    Three times six is eighteen,
    Three times seven is twenty-one,
    Three times eight is twenty-four,
    Three times nine is twenty-seven,
    Three times ten is thirty.

  7. The 4 Times Table Song
  8. Four times one is four,
    Four times two is eight,
    Four times three is twelve,
    Four times four is sixteen,
    Four times five is twenty,
    Four times six is twenty-four,
    Four times seven is twenty-eight,
    Four times eight is thirty-two,
    Four times nine is thirty-six,
    Four times ten is forty.

  9. The 5 Times Table Song
  10. Five times one is five,
    Five times two is ten,
    Five times three is fifteen,
    Five times four is twenty,
    Five times five is twenty-five,
    Five times six is thirty,
    Five times seven is thirty-five,
    Five times eight is forty,
    Five times nine is forty-five,
    Five times ten is fifty.

  11. The 6 Times Table Song
  12. Six times one is six,
    Six times two is twelve,
    Six times three is eighteen,
    Six times four is twenty-four,
    Six times five is thirty,
    Six times six is thirty-six,
    Six times seven is forty-two,
    Six times eight is forty-eight,
    Six times nine is fifty-four,
    Six times ten is sixty.

  13. The 7 Times Table Song
  14. Seven times one is seven,
    Seven times two is fourteen,
    Seven times three is twenty-one,
    Seven times four is twenty-eight,
    Seven times five is thirty-five,
    Seven times six is forty-two,
    Seven times seven is forty-nine,
    Seven times eight is fifty-six,
    Seven times nine is sixty-three,
    Seven times ten is seventy.

  15. The 8 Times Table Song
  16. Eight times one is eight,
    Eight times two is sixteen,
    Eight times three is twenty-four,
    Eight times four is thirty-two,
    Eight times five is forty,
    Eight times six is forty-eight,
    Eight times seven is fifty-six,
    Eight times eight is sixty-four,
    Eight times nine is seventy-two,
    Eight times ten is eighty.

  17. The 9 Times Table Song
  18. Nine times one is nine,
    Nine times two is eighteen,
    Nine times three is twenty-seven,
    Nine times four is thirty-six,
    Nine times five is forty-five,
    Nine times six is fifty-four,
    Nine times seven is sixty-three,
    Nine times eight is seventy-two,
    Nine times nine is eighty-one,
    Nine times ten is ninety.

  19. The 10 Times Table Song
  20. Ten times one is ten,
    Ten times two is twenty,
    Ten times three is thirty,
    Ten times four is forty,
    Ten times five is fifty,
    Ten times six is sixty,
    Ten times seven is seventy,
    Ten times eight is eighty,
    Ten times nine is ninety,
    Ten times ten is one hundred.

  21. The 11 Times Table Song
  22. Eleven times one is eleven,
    Eleven times two is twenty-two,
    Eleven times three is thirty-three,
    Eleven times four is forty-four,
    Eleven times five is fifty-five,
    Eleven times six is sixty-six,
    Eleven times seven is seventy-seven,
    Eleven times eight is eighty-eight,
    Eleven times nine is ninety-nine,
    Eleven times ten is one hundred ten.

  23. The 12 Times Table Song
  24. Twelve times one is twelve,
    Twelve times two is twenty-four,
    Twelve times three is thirty-six,
    Twelve times four is forty-eight,
    Twelve times five is sixty,
    Twelve times six is seventy-two,
    Twelve times seven is eighty-four,
    Twelve times eight is ninety-six,
    Twelve times nine is one hundred eight,
    Twelve times ten is one hundred twenty.

These times tables songs are a fun and engaging way to help students learn their multiplication facts. By using these songs in your classroom, you can help your students master their multiplication facts and become math whizzes!