2020 STN 60 Second HorrorFest Top 3 Winners

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*This event is for students in middle or high school*

Nothing quite says Halloween like a Scary Movie!

It's October and we thought of no better way to kick off the production season than to host a micro film festival for high school students around the country.

Read the description below for the specific "prompts" that you need to follow for your film to be considered for awards.

This year's festival is sponsored by Ryan Connolly of Film Riot! The top 3 entries will be awarded prize packs donated by Ryan and his production company, Triune Digital. Prizes include LUTs, sounds effects and more!

We cannot wait to see your films, so get shooting!

Student Television Network is a non-profit international association of
high school and middle school broadcast journalism, film, and media programs. To learn more about STN and to get involved in other great events, visit our website at www.studenttelevision.com!

Rules & Terms
*This event is for students in middle or high school*

You must submit a 60 Second Horror film, entirely produced by students, within the timeframe, that meets the criteria of the contest.
Those rules are:
-The final edit must be within 30 and 60 seconds.
-No Teacher Help; Student-Only Contest
-The film cannot (directly) show the face of the antagonist.
-The Film must include the line of dialogue, "I didn't leave this here..."
-Must include a shot of fruit during the climax of the film.

Every film must be PG in content, meaning:
No strong language, blatant sexuality, pointless violence, pointless drug/alcohol/tobacco use (i.e. glorifying destructive behaviors), nudity, child peril, etc.

Submission does not guarantee a place in our festival. Various factors such as quality, time constraints, or appropriateness will result in your film being dismissed from inclusion into the festival. STN reserves the right to remove any film from the festival due to time constraints or that they feel contradicts the rules of entry stated above.

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