How to Divide Whole Numbers | 4,506÷6 | Part 2 of 6 | Minute Math

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In this video we learn how divide two whole numbers using the traditional method which is long division. We divide 4,506÷6 and check our answer with multiplication. With some examples of long division we have a remainder and we review how to calculate the remainder and how to check our long division if there is a remainder.

The steps we use to divide two whole numbers are

1) Divide the first digit of the dividend by the divisor. If the divisor is larger than the first digit of the dividend, divide the first two digits of the dividend by the divisor, and so on.
2) Write the quotient above the dividend.
3) Multiply the quotient by the divisor and write the product under the dividend.
4) Subtract that product from the dividend.
5) Bring down the next digit of the dividend.
6) Repeat from Step 1 until there are no more digits in the dividend to bring down.
7) Check by multiplying the quotient times the divisor.

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