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Dani Phillip
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Hey guys,
Check out our newest session on How to study weak subjects? or How to study difficult subjects easily?

We are very often asked about
1) How to study theory subjects?
 2) How to learn?
3) How to study math?
4) How to score good marks in weak subjects? OR How to make weak subjects strong?

So here we have come up with 7 easy study tips on how you can make weak subjects strong and get good marks and How to study effectively.
When studying difficult subjects:
1) You need determination and should stop procrastination
2) Take small steps
3) Conceptualize the topics
4) Take help from teachers, friends, and elders
5) Try out different ways or patterns for studying
6) Give extra attention and
7) Revisit the difficult subjects at regular intervals.

Sometimes studying difficult or hard subjects may require a little extra effort, but then the good grades should be a motivating factor to work a little harder.

We at letstute wish you the best.
Thanks for watching..
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