Passing Gases: Effusion, Diffusion, and the Velocity of a Gas - Crash Course Chemistry #16

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This playlist consists of 47 videos all about Chemistry.  Teachers can use these videos to support their lesson plans and engage students.  These videos each cover specific topics and concepts learned in Chemistry classes.  The playlist is an excellent resource for students to review or study for a test or final.  By the end of this playlist, students will be able to use the foundational assets of chemistry (i.e. the periodic table, vocabulary, and lab safety), and understand the structure of matter, chemical reactions, and chemical equilibrium.


We also have a playlist for Organic Chemistry Video Study Guide! (coming soon)

We have learned over the past few weeks that gases have real-life constraints on how they move here in the non-ideal world. As with most things in chemistry (and also in life), how a gas moves is more complex than it seems at first. In this episode, Hank describes what it means when we talk about the velocity of a gas - to understand gas velocity, we have to know what factors affect it, and how. Hank also teaches you about effusion, diffusion, and concentration gradients, before showing off a cool experiment that physically demonstrates the things you have just learned. Sound exciting enough for you? Let's get started.

*Special Thanks to Matt Young at the University of Montana (Geosciences Department, Environmental Biogeochemistry Lab) who helped with the chemical demonstrations.*

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Table of Contents
Net Velocity vs. Average Velocity 1:17
Effusion 4:47
Graham's Law 5:52
Diffusion 7:22
Concentration Gradients 7:08
Precipitation Reaction with Gases 8:21

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