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Understanding Personal Pronouns (Subject Pronouns) reinforces the relationship between pronouns, nouns, and proper nouns when speaking and writing. This video demonstrates how pronouns can replace nouns and proper nouns in simple illustrated sentences. It highlights singular and plural personal subject pronouns, illustrating situations in which different personal pronouns should be used. ​Understanding Personal Pronouns
​ powerfully demonstrates the revision of a paragraph in which the proper noun used as the subject is highly overused, painting a picture of the need for pronouns when speaking and writing. A voice-over coupled with video imagery clearly illustrates how personal subject pronouns can be used when speaking and writing in everyday life. The process is demonstrated in a step-by step manner by connecting the relationship of the pronoun with the comprehension of the noun or proper noun being replaced. Rather than simply defining pronouns as a part of speech, this video builds an understanding of the relationship of pronouns as an important tool for fluent speaking and writing in everyday life.

I’ve created an entire series of teaching videos to explain the components of English Language
Arts in a way that connects them to each other and to real world reading, speaking, and writing. The links for the videos in order are below. Please look for my other videos and share them with others that may find them helpful.

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