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This is a read along/read aloud story time of the famous Tall Tale of “Casey Jones”

Based on a true story of Jonathan Luther "Casey" Jones (March 14, 1863 – April 30, 1901) from Jackson, Tennessee, was an American railroader who worked for the Illinois Central Railroad. He was killed on April 30, 1901 when his train collided with a stalled freight train near Vaughan, Mississippi. His dramatic death while trying to stop his train and save the lives of his passengers made him a hero!

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Artist: Kevin MacLeod
Title: Faster Does It

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• Reading books aloud to kids is widely recognized as the single most important activity leading to language development. Among other things, reading aloud builds word-sound awareness in children, a potent predictor of reading success.
• Reading aloud to young children is not only one of the best activities to stimulate language and cognitive skills; it also builds motivation, curiosity, and memory. Bardige, B. Talk to Me, Baby!(2009), Paul H Brookes Pub Co.
• Reading aloud to kids stimulates language development even before a child can talk. Bardige, B. Talk to Me, Baby!(2009), Paul H Brookes Pub Co.
• The nurturing and one-on-one attention from parents during reading aloud encourages children to form a positive association with books and reading later in life.
• Children that read along to books have the opportunity to practice listening - a crucial skill for kindergarten and beyond

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