Grow Up, David! - By David Shannon - Read Aloud - Bedtime Story

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Read aloud bedtime story for children that young kids will love like many stories and picture books on this educational literacy channel.
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This book is about the difficulties, unfairness, and friction between older and younger siblings with the overarching truth, that even amidst the strife, there’s also joy and love from family relationships. Childhood can be chaotic, dramatic, disorganized, and wild. With beautiful, vibrant illustrations, David Shannon depicts some of these memories for us. He paints a possible day many younger siblings have endured.

This book reminded me of several situations I experienced growing up with my older and younger siblings. I hope your children can relate to it and find some entertainment from it. Hopefully, it can help older kids try to be a little more compassionate with the younger ones and will help the younger ones to feel understood.

Reading is an important part of childhood development and just plain simple human development. We all need to experience other people’s perspectives through stories to help us build empathy and understanding. The world is a complex place. Stories help bind us together as a society and culture. It communicates values and lessons according to the listener or reader’s capacity. I hope with these videos to share some of the books I think are fun and valuable to help children build an affinity toward reading. It can be hard in our video-saturated, social media-driven world, to take time for reading. I’m trying to keep that alive so that it isn’t lost. I know many of my viewers are families like mine that love good books. I’m glad I could share this little book with you. Please like and share it with others if you enjoyed it!

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