How to Study Any Subject in Just 1 Day Before Exams 2020 | Last Minute Revision Techniques | Study Tips for Last moment | LetsTute

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Hello Friends,
Check out our video on "How to Study any Subject in Just One Day? | Last Minute Revision Techniques" by Letstute.
Through this video, we have given tips that will help you in last minute revision.
This tips will also help in "What to revise on the last day of exam"
These tips will greatly help you in Subjects like; Science, Math, Language, Social Science.
The main focus has been given on:

Tips For Science Paper
- Read the chapter summary / concept maps
- Read Important & Difficult Questions
- Prefer Reading Long Answers
- Important Formula & Numericals
- Practice Diagrams along with their labelling
- Chemical Equations
- Frequently Asked Questions Tips For Maths Paper
- Go through important points
- Refer the sheet with all the formulae
- Solve one question from each exercise
- Run through all the theorems and proofs
- Refer the marked importance question or any question which has some trick
- Practice the rules of constuctions Tips For Language Paper
- Learn all the grammar rules
- Passages and formats of writing skills
- Chapter/Poems name and authors name Tips For Social Science Paper
- Remember the dates or the timeline
- Knowing the locations and map plotting
- Read only the important questions
- Prefer reading long answers
- Frequently Asked Questions

I hope this video has helped you.
Thanks for watching..

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