⁣⁣Lesson Plan: 6 Month Old Slime Package: Safe and Non-Toxic Slime Fun for Infants!

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⁣⁣Lesson Plan: 6 Month Old Slime Package: Safe and Non-Toxic Slime Fun for Infants!

Grade Level: N/A (Parent or caregiver-guided activity for infants)

Subject: Sensory Play

Objective: Parents or caregivers will engage in a safe and sensory play activity with their 6-month-old infants using slime.

Materials Needed:
- Baby-safe slime (homemade or store-bought, made with non-toxic ingredients)
- Sensory toys (e.g., soft balls, textured blocks, rattles)
- Baby wipes for easy clean-up
- Optional: Baby-safe food coloring or natural dyes for color variation


1. Introduction (5 minutes):
- Explain to parents or caregivers the benefits of sensory play for infants, such as stimulating their senses, promoting cognitive development, and enhancing their fine motor skills.
- Emphasize the importance of using baby-safe materials and closely supervising the activity.

2. Preparing the Slime (10 minutes):
- Show parents or caregivers how to prepare baby-safe slime using non-toxic ingredients or provide information on where to purchase pre-made baby-safe slime.
- If desired, demonstrate how to add baby-safe food coloring or natural dyes to create visually stimulating slime.

3. Sensory Playtime (15 minutes):
- Instruct parents or caregivers to create a safe and comfortable play area for their infants, such as a blanket or play mat.
- Place the slime and sensory toys within the reach of the infants.
- Encourage parents or caregivers to sit with their infants and guide them in exploring the slime's texture and properties.
- Demonstrate how to gently introduce the slime to the infants, allowing them to touch, squeeze, and explore the sensory experience.

4. Sensory Stimulation (15 minutes):
- Encourage parents or caregivers to talk to their infants during the sensory play, describing the sensations and textures they are experiencing.
- Assist parents or caregivers in using the sensory toys to interact with the slime, allowing infants to grab, squeeze, and play with the slime and toys simultaneously.

5. Clean-up and Conclusion (5 minutes):
- Provide baby wipes for parents or caregivers to easily clean their infants' hands and any messes.
- Discuss the benefits of sensory play for infants and how this activity can be incorporated into their daily routine.
- Encourage parents or caregivers to continue exploring safe and age-appropriate sensory play activities with their infants.

Common Core Labels Correlations: N/A (This lesson plan is not applicable to Common Core standards as it is designed for parent or caregiver-guided play with infants.)

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