⁣⁣Lesson Plan: Deliciously Colorful: 5 Easy Rainbow Snacks for Spring!

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⁣⁣Lesson Plan: Deliciously Colorful: 5 Easy Rainbow Snacks for Spring!

Grade Level: K-3

Objective: By the end of this lesson, students will explore and create simple and healthy rainbow-themed snacks for spring. They will learn about the importance of eating a variety of fruits and vegetables while developing their fine motor skills and color recognition. Students will also have the opportunity to taste and share their creations with their classmates.

Common Core Standards:
- CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RI.K.1: With prompting and support, ask and answer questions about key details in a text.
- CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RI.1.3: Describe the connection between two individuals, events, ideas, or pieces of information in a text.
- CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.K.MD.B.3: Classify objects into given categories; count the numbers of objects in each category and sort the categories by count.

- Assorted fruits and vegetables in different colors (e.g., strawberries, oranges, bananas, kiwis, blueberries, grapes, carrots, bell peppers, cucumbers)
- Plates, cutting boards, and child-safe knives
- Toothpicks or skewers
- Small cups for tasting and sharing


1. Introduction (5 minutes):
- Discuss the importance of eating a variety of fruits and vegetables for a healthy diet.
- Introduce the concept of rainbow-themed snacks and explain that each color represents a different fruit or vegetable.

2. Discussion and Color Recognition (10 minutes):
- Show pictures or real examples of different fruits and vegetables in various colors.
- Engage students in a discussion about the colors and ask questions like "What color is a strawberry?" or "Can you name a fruit that is yellow?"

3. Rainbow Snack Ideas (10 minutes):
- Present five different rainbow snack ideas using a combination of fruits and vegetables in various colors.
- Discuss the nutritional benefits of each ingredient and the importance of eating a rainbow of colors.

4. Snack Creation (20 minutes):
- Divide students into small groups or pairs.
- Provide each group with a selection of fruits and vegetables, plates, cutting boards, and child-safe knives.
- Instruct students to create their own rainbow snacks by arranging the fruits and vegetables in a rainbow pattern on the plates, using toothpicks or skewers to secure them if needed.

5. Tasting and Sharing (15 minutes):
- Have students present their rainbow snacks to the class, describing the colors and ingredients used.
- Allow students to taste and share their creations with their classmates, promoting a positive and inclusive environment.

6. Reflection and Discussion (10 minutes):
- Engage students in a discussion about their experience creating and tasting the rainbow snacks.
- Ask questions like "What was your favorite color to use?" or "Did you discover any new fruits or vegetables?"
- Encourage students to reflect on the importance of eating a variety of colorful foods for their health.

Common Core Labels Correlations:

Get your life together with the Nifty Organization Journal: bit.ly/2AYkXm2Here is what you'll need!5 Easy Rainbow Snacks for Spring Rainbow FudgeMATERIALS24 ounces melted white chocolate16 ounces cream cheese3 teaspoon vanilla extract8 cups powdered sugarFood color gelHand mixer9-inch square panParchment paperINSTRUCTIONS1. In a large bowl combine melted white chocolate, cream cheese, vanilla extract with a hand mixer. Mix until smooth. 2. Slowly incorporate 8 cups of powdered sugar into the mixture. Mix with a spoon first then a hand mixer to avoid spills. Mix until smooth. 3. Separate mix into 6 bowls. Add food color gel to get the colors of the rainbow. 4. Line a square pan with two layers of parchment paper.5. Pour the first layer of fudge into the pan and then smoothen out with a spatula. Tap the pan to remove any bubbles. 6. Repeat the pour and process with the other layers.7. Refrigerate for at least one hour.8. Remove fudge from pan and parchment paper.9. Cut into one-inch squares. Serve and enjoy. Rainbow Pretzel SticksMATERIALSMelted white chocolateLarge pretzel sticksRainbow assortment of sugar sprinkles INSTRUCTIONS1. Dip pretzel stick in melted white chocolate. Leave about an inch of the pretzel uncovered.2. On a large plate carefully layout sprinkles into rows of color. 3. Carefully roll the white chocolate portion of the pretzel in the sprinkles. Roll until the white chocolate is completely coated in sprinkles. 4. Serve and enjoy.Rainbow FrostingMATERIALSCake frostingFood gel colorPiping bagsPlastic food wrapINSTRUCTIONS1. Separate frosting into 6 bowls. Add food gel color to create a rainbow assortment of color. 2. Place each color of frosting into a piping bag. 3. Layout a layer of plastic food wrap. 4. Carefully pipe out lines of frosting onto the plastic wrap in sequential rainbow order.5. Carefully roll the plastic wrap and connect the first and last row of frosting.Twist the ends of the plastic wrap until the frosting is compacted into a long.6. Cut the end of one side of the frosting log.7. Slide the frosting log into a piping bag with the trimmed tip going in first. 8. Carefully pipe the rainbow frosting out of the bag. The colors will blend together to create a rainbow effect. Rainbow Drip Ice Cream ConeMATERIALSColored candy meltsIce cream coneINSTRUCTIONS1. Melt colored candy melts in separate bowls.2. In a clean bowl, spoon in small amounts of candy melts. Keep the colors separate.3. Carefully dip the head of an ice cream cone into the candy melts. 4. Tap and turn the cone to control the drips of the cone.5. Serve with ice cream and enjoy. Rainbow Icing DipMATERIALS 2 cups powdered sugar2-3 tablespoon milkFood gel colorINSTRUCTIONS1. Combine powdered sugar and milk. Mix until smooth. 2. Separate into 6 bowls and add food gel color. 3. On a shallow plate, carefully spoon out a small amount of icing in a rainbow sequence. 4. Dip a donut (or any other pastry) into the rainbow icing. Pull out to reveal the rainbow pattern. 5. Serve and enjoy. Check us out on Facebook! - facebook.com/buzzfeedniftyCredits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/....videos/51099MUSICClo 9Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

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