Lesson Plan: ⁣Deliciously Sweet: Kids Dive into an Easter Candy Extravaganza!

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Lesson Plan: ⁣Deliciously Sweet: Kids Dive into an Easter Candy Extravaganza!

Grade Levels: 3-8

- To engage students in a sensory exploration of various Easter candies.
- To encourage descriptive writing and critical thinking skills.
- To promote teamwork and collaboration through group discussions and taste testing.

Common Core Standards:
- CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.W.3.3: Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, descriptive details, and clear event sequences.
- CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.SL.5.1.A: Come to discussions prepared, having read or studied required material.

- Assorted Easter candies (jelly beans, chocolate eggs, marshmallow chicks, etc.)
- Paper and pencils for descriptive writing
- Plates or small cups for candy samples


1. Introduction (10 minutes)
- Begin the lesson by discussing the excitement and traditions associated with Easter candy.
- Talk about the importance of using descriptive language to express opinions and preferences.

2. Candy Exploration (20 minutes)
- Distribute a variety of Easter candies to each group of students.
- Instruct students to carefully observe and explore the candies using their senses (sight, touch, smell) without tasting them yet.
- Encourage students to discuss their initial observations within their groups.

3. Descriptive Writing (15 minutes)
- Instruct students to individually write a descriptive paragraph or short story about one of the candies they observed.
- Encourage them to use vivid language and sensory details to bring their descriptions to life.

4. Taste Testing and Group Discussions (30 minutes)
- Allow students to sample the Easter candies they observed earlier, one at a time.
- After each candy tasting, facilitate group discussions where students can share their thoughts, preferences, and descriptive writing.

5. Reflection and Comparison (15 minutes)
- Bring the whole class together for a discussion on the different candies and their unique characteristics.
- Ask students to compare their initial observations with their actual tasting experiences.
- Encourage students to reflect on how their descriptive writing captured the essence of the candies.

Common Core Labels Correlations:

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