⁣⁣Lesson Plan: How to Make a DIY Gallium Dollar Sign $ Fidget Spinner: Fun and Creative Metal Fidget Toy

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⁣⁣Lesson Plan: How to Make a DIY Gallium Dollar Sign $ Fidget Spinner: Fun and Creative Metal Fidget Toy

Grade Level: 6-8

Subject: Science/Engineering

Objective: Students will learn how to create their own fidget spinner using gallium, exploring the properties of this unique metal and engaging in hands-on engineering.

Materials Needed:
- Gallium (available online or at specialty stores)
- Dollar sign-shaped mold (can be found or created using silicone or other mold-making materials)
- Mixing container and stirrer
- Heat source (hot plate or stove)
- Safety gloves and goggles
- Sandpaper or emery cloth (optional)
- Spin test materials (e.g., pencils, pens, or small bearings)


1. Introduction (10 minutes):
- Engage students by discussing fidget spinners and their popularity as stress-relieving toys.
- Introduce the concept of gallium, explaining its unique properties as a low-melting-point metal.
- Explain that the goal of the lesson is to create a custom fidget spinner using gallium.

2. Safety Precautions (5 minutes):
- Emphasize the importance of safety when working with gallium, including wearing gloves and goggles.
- Instruct students to follow all safety guidelines and handle the materials responsibly.

3. Gallium Preparation (10 minutes):
- Show students the gallium and explain its characteristics, such as its low melting point and ability to solidify quickly.
- Demonstrate how to safely melt the gallium using a heat source, following the instructions provided with the material.
- Discuss the importance of proper temperature control to avoid burns or other accidents.

4. Mold Preparation (10 minutes):
- Show students the dollar sign-shaped mold and explain its purpose in creating a custom fidget spinner.
- Instruct students to carefully pour the molten gallium into the mold, filling it completely.
- Allow the gallium to solidify and cool, following the instructions provided with the material.

5. Removal and Finishing (10 minutes):
- Once the gallium has solidified, instruct students on how to safely remove the fidget spinner from the mold.
- Optional: Use sandpaper or emery cloth to smooth any rough edges or imperfections on the spinner's surface.

6. Spin Test and Reflection (15 minutes):
- Provide students with various materials to use as spin testers, such as pencils, pens, or small bearings.
- Instruct them to test their DIY gallium fidget spinners and observe how well they spin.
- Encourage students to reflect on the engineering process, discussing any challenges they faced and how they overcame them.

7. Clean-up and Discussion (10 minutes):
- Instruct students to properly clean up their workspaces, disposing of any waste materials responsibly.
- Engage students in a discussion about the properties of gallium and its role in creating the fidget spinner.
- Encourage them to share their thoughts on the DIY process and the overall experience.

Common Core Labels Correlations:
- CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RST.6-8.3: Follow precisely a multistep procedure when carrying out experiments.
- CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.6.EE.B.8: Write an inequality of the form x > c or x < c to represent a constraint or condition in a real-world or mathematical problem.

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