⁣⁣Lesson Plan: What makes Dubai's Burj Khalifa Lake a captivating spectacle? Dive into the wonders of this iconic landmark!

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⁣⁣Lesson Plan: What makes Dubai's Burj Khalifa Lake a captivating spectacle? Dive into the wonders of this iconic landmark!

Grade Level: 7-9
Subject: Geography/World Culture

Objective: Students will explore the mesmerizing Burj Khalifa Lake in Dubai, understanding its significance as a cultural, architectural, and recreational landmark. They will analyze the geographical features, engineering marvels, and cultural impact of this renowned attraction.

Common Core Standards:
- CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RI.7.1: Cite several pieces of textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text.
- CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RI.8.3: Analyze how a text makes connections among and distinctions between individuals, ideas, or events (e.g., through comparisons, analogies, or categories).
- CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RI.9-10.7: Analyze various accounts of a subject told in different mediums (e.g., multimedia, written texts) for their point of view or purpose.

- Computer or smartboard with internet access
- Images and videos showcasing Burj Khalifa Lake and Dubai's skyline
- Writing materials


1. Introduction (5 minutes):
- Display images of Burj Khalifa Lake and Dubai's skyline, and ask students if they are familiar with these famous landmarks. Discuss the concept of architectural marvels and their impact on a city's identity.

2. Main Activity (25 minutes):
- Explain to students that they will delve into the wonders of Burj Khalifa Lake, situated in the heart of Dubai.
- Show images or a video that showcase the lake's stunning water fountain show and its synchronization with music and lights.
- Discuss the technological and engineering aspects behind the lake's design and operation.
- Highlight the cultural significance of the fountain show as a source of entertainment and pride for the people of Dubai.

3. Group Discussion (10 minutes):
- Ask students to share their observations and impressions of Burj Khalifa Lake and the fountain show.
- Facilitate a discussion on the impact of iconic landmarks like Burj Khalifa Lake in attracting tourism and fostering local pride.
- Encourage students to consider the role of architectural marvels in shaping a city's image and identity.

4. Extension Activity (15 minutes):
- Divide students into small groups.
- Assign each group a different iconic landmark from around the world.
- Have students research and create a presentation comparing and contrasting their assigned landmark with Burj Khalifa Lake, considering factors such as architectural design, cultural significance, and tourist appeal.

5. Wrap-up (5 minutes):
- Summarize the main points discussed during the lesson.
- Ask students to reflect on what they have learned about Burj Khalifa Lake and its impact on Dubai's cultural and architectural landscape.
- Provide an opportunity for any remaining questions or comments.

Common Core Labels Correlations:

Walking around the Burj Khalifa Lake, Dubai Fountains and Largest Mall of the world. Click here ▶ to see highlights and guide. The Burj Khalifa Fountain and Lake is the world's largest choreographed fountain system. It is set on the 30-acre manmade Burj Khalifa Lake, at the center of the Downtown Dubai. The 500-acre flagship mega-development of Emaar Properties was officially inaugurated on 8 May 2009 along with the official opening ceremony of The Dubai Mall.Date recorded: February 2019Weather: ☀️ 25C | 77F -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lets connect or support and receive updates of the travel places to be viewed in upcoming videos:Support me on【Paypal】https://www.paypal.me/WanderlustTVSupport me on【Patreon】https://www.patreon.com/Wander....lustTravelVideosFoll me on 【Instagram】https://www.instagram.com/wand....erlusttravelvideos/F me on 【Facebook】https://www.facebook.com/Wande....rlustTravelVideos/#W #Dubai #BurjKhalifaLake---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Highlights timestamps:▶(0:15) Burj Khalifa view (1) ▶(2:15) Souk Al Bahar Bridge to Dubai Mall▶(4:12) Broadway along Dubai Lake▶(10:00) Lake view▶(11:30) Burj Khalifa Park▶(17:16) Burj Khalifa view (2) ▶(18:40) Burj Plaza---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Gear I use to record and edit videos (use links to receive discount and I receive a small commission): GoPro Hero 8 Blackhttps://amzn.to/37B9h8pGoPro Hero 7 Black (backup)https://amzn.to/2SDzmQaFeiyu G6 Gimbal Stabilizerhttps://amzn.to/2P6wqt7GoPro Karma Grip https://amzn.to/2SG9gMdZoom H4N Recorderhttps://amzn.to/325s7UfSandisk 1T Portable SSDhttps://amzn.to/3bQdngjRavPower Travel Routerhttps://amzn.to/39KxafbGoPro Accessoire Travel Kithttps://amzn.to/2SGaLu8Techsmarter 30000mah Power Bankhttps://amzn.to/38Iif54Improve your YouTube channel with TubeTubbyhttps://www.Tubebuddy.com/WTVAffiliatePromotion

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