On Top of the World Trade Center 2001: A Tale of Two Cities

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Amazing video footage I took at the World Trade Center in the summer of 2001.

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Amazing video footage I took at the World Trade Center in the summer of 2001.

911 Memorial https://youtu.be/hqvX5Rha_9Q

One World Trade Center

Pompeii https://youtu.be/h62aqhYd-Kg
Crete https://youtu.be/-ZsEnPa4WEA
Lisbon https://youtu.be/mhI4BWfOFlw
Barcelona https://youtu.be/mD1ltavSvPA
Ireland https://youtu.be/gmteJ8Cm2pk
Lanzarote https://youtu.be/boMTsBKCIec
Siam Park https://youtu.be/MbZePPP1xsc
New York https://youtu.be/8vKO9cuMTcE
Matala https://youtu.be/YQoSjjUiLLA
Napoli https://youtu.be/ZJ7efHMtNXg
Positano https://youtu.be/KOO_LQsbCXM

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