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Pinkalicious is very excited for her Eggstraordinary Easter. Pinkalicious jumps out of bed and explains how excited she is that it's now Easter and her friend Edgar will be here. Peter comes into the room and asks Pinkalicious what she's talking about, who is Edgar? She explains that Edgar is the Easter Bunny and is a close personal friend. The Easter Bunny is going stop by for a visit after the Eggstraordinary Easter. Pinkalicious changes out of her pajamas and runs outside looking for the letter the Easter Bunny said he would leave for her. Mommy points to an Easter basket and inside there is a letter for Pinkalicious. The note that explains how the Easter Bunny has left a scavenger hunt that will lead them to an Eggstraordinary Easter gift. The first clue in the Easter scavenger hunt explains that they must look where birds fly. They go and climb into the treehouse and see a small white Easter basket. The next clue talks about testing their smarts, and so there go quickly to the schoolhouse. They find another Eggstraordinary white basket with a clue in it at the back of the school. This Eggstraordinary Easter clue talks about going to a place where they have a race. Pinkalicious and her family go to the playground and start looking for clues to find the next basket. Peter finally finds it under the slide. The fourth note talked about going where Pinkalicious loves the most but Pinkalicious has a difficult time thinking about what place that would be. She imagined the color pink and finally thinks about going to the ice cream shop. They go there to find ice cream shop is closed, so Pinkalicious is very confused. Finally she realizes that her favorite place is her home where all of the pink things are and her family. There she finds the final Eggstraordinary Easter basket.
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Author: Victoria Kann
Illustrator: Victoria Kann
We hope you enjoy these children's books read aloud!

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