Preschoolers love to make things because they're so romantic! So why not make something special for

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In this educational video for kids, Mayta and B are celebrating Valentine's Day by learning how to make a Valentine's Day card!

Mayta The Brown Bear is gentle, handcrafted learning show made by parents for kids. We created our early learning show for our (then) 2 year old son. Our videos use slow moving images, crafts, handcrafted sets, puppets and active storytelling to help kids learn to use their own imaginations. We believe in creating content that is consistent. We use repetition, the power of silence, movement and human interaction in every episode.

We slow things down a bit so our little viewers have time to process what they are watching on the screen. We really wanted to create a space that is small, simple and consistent. A space where our little viewers can feel safe and secure because they know what is going to happen next. A space where they can really listen and ultimately be engaged.

Our learning videos are categorized into Baby Learning Videos and Toddler Learning Videos on our channel's main page. If you enjoyed today’s learning video for preschoolers and toddlers, and would like more videos, please remember to like, share and subscribe here on YouTube. We hope your and your little ones enjoy!

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