SpaceX Projects: For the New Millennium Launch of the Falcon 9 rocket: A Turning Point for SpaceX

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We all have heard about that very popular electric car Tesla that has made its way to the road of US quite back. It is none other than Mr. Elon Reeve Musk behind this great innovation and creativity. The main aim of this electric car is to improvise the condition of environment. This man is highly creative and his innovations are the evidence of that. SpaceX is another great innovation of Elon Musk which is a Private space company that mainly aims to reduce the cost of Space transportation. He also aims to create a colony in Mars so as to handle the overpopulation problem on the earth. <br />SpaceX, even though set up long back in 2002 but not widely known by people and here we have explained more about this SpaceX. That is, how it aims to change the world.<br />SpaceX<br />SpaceX also known as the Space Exploration Technologies Corporation is a privately funded aerospace company founded by the great innovator Elon Reeve Musk during 2002. It was then Musk decided to start up his own company when Nasa was failed to elicit cheap rocket for their project and retuned empty handed. Elon Musk planned to create his own rocket by then to eliminate this issue. He started with less number of employees in the beginning, but later on the number of employees reached to 6000. SpaceX has achieved several successes with day’s passing on and by now it has already sent two rockets to the International Space Station successfully.<br />This Space transportation company is now working with NASA and they have together made an agreement. According to the deal, SpaceX will send four Dragon 2 mission to the ISS every year which will include one crew and three carrying cargo. <br />SpaceX aims to change the whole world completely by creating a Colony in the Mars. This will definitely be helpful and create a great environment no doubt. The company is trying hard since the beginning and they have achieved several successes till date. So, here is list of their achievement. <br />Achievement of SpaceX:<br />The company was founded back n 2002 and the first achievement was witnessed soon just after 6 years of the launch. The company launched rocket Falcon 1 to the Orbit successfully in 2008.<br />Next in two years during 2010, SpaceX sent the Dragon spacecraft to the space which was launched and recycled successfully.<br />An unmanned Dragon cargo delivered supplied to the ISS in 2012.<br />SES-8, the very first commercial satellite was launched to the Orbit in 2013.

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