The Ages & Periods of English History: Victorian, Tudor, Edwardian, Elizabethan...

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Do you know the difference between "Elizabethan" and "Victorian"? Have you noticed how many English or British kings were called Edward, or George, or Henry? In this lesson I’ll give a summary of hundreds of years of English and British history. We’ll talk about some of the labels used for the different periods, and some of the kings and queens – including a short period when we didn’t have a monarch at all! If you’ve heard names like Tudor, Edwardian, Restoration, Victorian, and Elizabethan, but not been quite sure exactly what they mean, this lesson is for you. These names are useful to know if you’re studying anything historical, including literature, architecture, works of art, and music. After the lesson, test your knowledge with the quiz!

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In this lesson:
00:00 What are the periods of English history?
02:23 Periods in English History: Overview
03:58 Medieval (The Middle Ages)
05:48 The Tudor Period
08:33 The Stuart Period
09:17 The English Civil War
10:08 The Commonwealth Period
10:45 The Restoration
13:36 The Hanoverian/Georgian Era
14:55 The Victorian Era
16:07 The Edwardian Period
18:05 The Second Elizabethan Age

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