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So here's a post for you to easily understand about the basic categories and genres of English literature.
This forms the base of anything you study in english literature and helps you to even understand topics with their characteristic features.
Literature is divided in to two basic categories: oral literature and written literature. Even before any writing was there ; folktales ,folklores, stories all were in completely oral form.
Then with a course of time people began to write and the language they used was very different from what we use today . As people became more learned they made certain changes , certain rules and criterion to categorize their works .
Initially english literature was categorised into three basic genres - Poetry ,Prose and Drama.
Then were also subdivided in sub genres (also called genres) like sonnet,lyric,short story , memoir ,novel , novella , etc. There as many more sub genres in English literature which we will also discuss inmy future posts and youtube videos❤️
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