Duck & Goose | Let's Dance! (Read Aloud & Full Original Song!)

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Duck & Goose Let's Dance! by Tad Hills
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Duck & Goose fans of every age will want to honk, quack, dance and sing along with the New York Times bestselling pair in this fun board book, which includes a link to an original Duck & Goose song!

Honk, quack, dance, and sing with New York Times bestselling friends Duck & Goose in this fun new board book, which includes a link to an original Duck & Goose song.

Want to learn the Duck & Goose song and dance? Join Duck & Goose at their dance party! With easy-to-follow moves, like first jump forward and then jump back, Duck & Goose, Let's Dance! is sure to get little bodies wiggling. This lively board book features lyrics from an original song by Lauren Savage and Ross Gruet, so put on your dancing shoes and get ready to "walk like a duck,... (Google Books)

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