How to Write Fast With Good Handwriting | Exam Tips For Students | LetsTute

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Hey guys,
Check out our recent upload 'How to Write Fast With Good Handwriting | Exams Tips For Students | LetsTute'.
Through this video, we have given important exam tips and ways to 'Improve your writing speed without affecting your handwriting.
Which include:
1. The tool used to Write fast
2. Not using a cap at the end
3. The way you hold your pen (Grip and Pressure)
4. The technique to improve your speed and improve your handwriting
- Copy a text and practice to write neat handwriting
- Free writing practice and solving exam papers
- Dictation and trying to match the speed.
5. Practice for long hours (Maximum 2-3 hours to match with our exam duration)
6. 5 interesting warm up exercises to help you write fast and longer without fatigue

We hope you liked this Session on "How to Write Fast With Good Handwriting | Exams Tips For Students | LetsTute"

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